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Dumpster Mate Brings Waste Companies and Businesses Together

Dumpster Mate bridges the gap between Waste Companies and Business with a patented modular enclosure that satisfies the requirements of business owners while not impacting negatively waste company route productivity. Drivers no longer have to get in and out of their trucks to open and close gates. Business can now have the convenience and improved aesthetes of an enclosure that benefits all parties.

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Improve Aesthetes with Dumpster Mate

Your business can now select the color scheme you desire for your enclosure and dumpster. Match it to your building and add optional stacked stone plastic inserts to improve aesthetes or make a statement by selecting most any range of color combinations.

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Provide employee security and safety with Dumpster Mate

Employee security can be improved by adding optional solar lights to your enclosure for after hours use. Solar lights also allow users of the dumpster the ability to see items that might have fallen out of the container helping to eliminate personal injury.

Dumpster Mate offers additional options to business owners

The modular design of Dumpster Mate allows business and waste companies the option to increase the size to accommodate other items to be stored in the enclosure. Items such as recycle containers, or bales of recycled material are an example of material that can be easily stored in the enclosure and out of site.

Advertise on your Dumpster Mate Enclosure

The modular side panels of Dumpster Mate were designed to allow for advertising your business or to sell monthly advertising to your tenants and reduce your waste expenditures. Call a professional at Dumpster Mate to find out more about the feature.  

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Do you like graffiti on your dumpster and enclosure?

We didn’t think so, an additional benefit of the Dumpster Mate System is that graffiti doesn’t stick to polyethylene and can be wiped off with a mild detergent.

Dumpster Mate Enclosure System is sensitive to the environment

The carbon footprint of Dumpster Mate is less than most materials traditionally used to construct enclosures. The material is durable, recyclable and comes with a five year warranty. Mate our polyethylene dumpster with the enclosure and it will not produce any noise when dumping. You will only hear the truck, not the banging you have been accustomed too.

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Dumpster Mate Enclosure System always looks new

The material we use to produce our Dumpster Mate Enclosure and Dumpster is polyethylene and it never needs to be painted. It will not rust or fade and will maintain its new appearance for many years. Unlike traditional enclosures our system will not distract from your business.

Installation can be completed in hours

Traditional enclosures can take a week or more to construct and often require a general contractor and a fence company to complete the job. Dumpster Mate can be installed by your waste provider or our national installation group in 4 to 6 hours once on site.

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