What is Dumpster Mate?

Dumpster Mate integrates steel or plastic dumpsters as part of the patent pending Dumpster Mate Enclosure System. This unique solution enables quick, hassle free and efficient solid waste pickup.

What are some of the Dumpster Mate Features?

  • Driver Friendly – eliminates the need for the driver to get out of his truck, decreasing time to complete a pickup
  • Works with steel and plastic dumpsters
  • Made out of durable polyethylene (plastic)
  • Modular design providing flexibility of size and design
  • Environmentally friendly – 100 % recyclable
  • Easy to maintain – no rust or fading
  • Custom colors available
  • No refurbishing required
  • Portable – can be moved from one location to another
  • Easy assemble with installation in a few hours
  • Three (3) year warranty

What is the Dumpster Mate Enclosure made from?

Dumpster Mate is produced using Polyethylene Resin. Goods made with resins achieve substantial light-weighting, superior strength, toughness or impact properties relating to the appropriate application.

Who manufacturers the Dumpster Mate Enclosure?

Cellofoam North America with six rotational facilities nationwide currently produces Dumpster Mate in Conyers Ga. Cellofoam is a producer of many polyethylene products and is well positioned to handled the needs of Dumpster Mate now and in the future. Please visit their web site www.cellofoam.com.

If I want to add a matching plastic container who will produce it?

The matching plastic containers are produced by Rehrig Plastics. Their patented dumpster design has proven to be one of the most reliable dumpsters in the industry since 2004. Rehrig dumpsters colors can be matched exactly to your Dumpster Mate selection and you will enjoy the same durable product with a matching three year warranty.

For more information on Rehrig polyethylene dumpsters visit their web site at www.rehrigpacific.com.

Can you install the Dumpster Mate on my site?

Yes. We have contracted with Mobile Container Service, with over 30 years experience in the waste industry, to do our installation nation wide.Mobile Container can install Dumpster Mate on your existing concrete pad in several hours.

Please visit their site at www.mobilecontainer.com to learn more about this quality company.

How long does it take to get a Dumpster Mate?

Most Dumpster Mate Enclosures, with or without a Rehig dumpster, can be shipped withing 30 days once color has been selected. Installation can be scheduled around the same time if selected at time of purchase.

Do you offer financing for Dumpster Mate?

Yes. Financing is available through Western Equipment Finance. Simply click here and complete the application. Typically you will have a response within 1 to 2 hours.