Dumpster Mate Benefits

Dumpster Mate is a modular integrated dumpster screening system designed for your business and is waste company driver friendly.

Unique & Patented • Modular
Cost Effective • Choice your color scheme
Works with Plastic & Steel Dumpsters
Environmentally Friendly
Reduced Carbon Footprint
Recyclable polyethylene

Dumpster Mate Waste Co. Benefits

  • New revenue source
  • Improves productivity by 3 minutes per stop
  • Modular –installs in hours
  • Won’t rust or fade and never needs painting
  • Eliminates potential driver workers comp claims

The Perfect Solution for your Dumpster Corral

Hide your dumpster conveniently with the Dumpster Mate screening system.

Perfect for convenient stores, grocery stores, strip malls, apartments, restaurants, hospitals, colleges, parks, military bases, restaurants and much more.

Fast Facts

  • Dumpster Mate can be purchased or leased from your waste provider
  • Dumpster Mate can be ordered in any color with or without a dumpster
  • Dumpster Mate is ideal for company or product branding
  • Dumpster Mate can be installed in hours on your existing pad
  • Saloon doors ELIMINATE potential driver INJURIES on your property
  • Dumpster Mate won’t rust or fade and never needs painting
  • Dumpster Mate system is noise free when dumping

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