Uses for Dumpster Mate

Convenient stores

Dumpster Mate is ideal for convenient stores as they can be installed in hours and unlimited colors are available to match the color design of the store. They have space for advertising to allow the convenience store to display special sales items and can be changed easily.

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores will also like the modular features of the Dumpster Mate to allow for multiple cans and additional space for other items stored in enclosures. Solar lights options are available for safe after hours use of the enclosure by employees. The modularity of the enclosure allows for versatility in size and entry door placement.

Strip Malls

Dumpster Mate is especially suited for use by strip malls due to the many options available. Color choices, size, upgraded stacked stone panels along with advertising space. Dumpster Mate improves the appearance of the strip mall by screening rusty dumpsters and improved aesthetics of a polyethylene enclosure that will not rust or fade and keeps its new appearance for many years.


Dumpster Mate is ideal for apartment complexes, condos and retirement homes for many reasons. The always fresh look of polyethylene and the options for upgraded aesthetic panels will keep the dumpster enclosure area looking as good as the rest of the property. The selection of color allows for management to pick the color of their choice and one that blends with the surroundings. Add solar lights to provide a safe environment for night use by tenants.  Select an optional matching polyethylene dumpster and your tenants will no longer hear the banging of the container when it is dumped.


Dumpster Mate is well suited for restaurants for a number of reasons. In addition to color, design, advertising, reduced noise, when matched with a polyethylene dumpster they will not produce the same odors as steel cans. Food and trash items tend to not stick to plastic like they do steel in the bottom of the container reducing odor.


Hospitals will appreciate the clean appearance of Dumpster Mate and the colors available.  As with apartment complexes, hospitals will want to match Dumpster Mate with a polyethylene dumpster to reduce noise for patents which will allow waste companies to schedule pickups with more flexibility.


Dumpster Mate when installed around dorms allows for convenient pickup without disturbing students studying or sleeping. The vast colors available allow schools to show their support by selecting their school colors.

Parks and Recreational

Dumpster Mate is ideal for parks and recreational areas because of their modular nature. Dumpster Mate can be easily installed and the polyethylene enclosure blends in nicely with the surroundings. Mate the enclosure with a polyethylene dumpster and the entire system is environmentally friendly. The polyethylene dumpster and enclosure is resistant to graffiti and in most cases it can be wiped off with a standard cleaning detergent. The enclosure and dumpster will not rust and will present a safe environment for use by park patrons.

Military Bases

Dumpster Mate is well suited for use on military bases in both the residential quarters and base buildings. In residential quarters the ease of installation and quiet benefits of Dumpster Mate will be well appreciated by military families. At base building locations, the quick installation and ease of dumping not requiring drivers to exit their truck to open and close gates will be appreciated by waste companies servicing the container and could result in less cost to the military.

Security Storage Units

Dumpster Mate can be fitted with a security screen roof to protect stored items such as bales of cardboard or high grade paper waiting to be recycled. It can also be used by tire companies to secure reusable tire casings awaiting pickup by recyclers.